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15May, 2017

New WannaCry Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself

This entry was posted in General Security on May 14, 2017 This is a public service announcement (PSA) that describes new WannaCry ransomware variants that have emerged in the past few hours and describes how to protect yourself against the WannaCry ransomware, also known as the WannaCrypt ransomware. On Friday there was an alert sent out on a global ransomware campaign a few hours after it started. That […]

22Sep, 2016

7 Tools That You Can Use to Target the Best Keywords

Choosing the best keywords for your website’s SEO can be a daunting task for any new business owner who is looking to have his/her website stack up against the more established websites from competitors. Having the right keywords becomes key and a wrong decision can usually have some deep implications when it comes to ranking of your website. With the right approach towards keywords, your […]

14Sep, 2016

75 Must Have Content Marketing Tools

When it comes to content marketing, there are thousands of tactics to consider, but you have a limited supply of time, money, and energy. This is why we have come up with this list of 75 content marketing tools you can choose from that will guarantee you take your content marketing strategy to the next level with a proven record to increase reach, generate sales, boost traffic, and much more.

14Sep, 2016

65 Web and Mobile App Analytics Tools

  Without the proper tools to monitor data about your mobile or website performance, you might be missing out on very important indicators that can help you drastically improve on the shortcomings your mobile app or website might be facing. Lucky enough, there are plenty of both free and paid tools out there that will help you do just that; that is data analytics tools […]

07Sep, 2016

How to remove Google Malware warning Using Web master tools

. Assuming you’ve been browsing the Internet for a while you’ve probably come across the above image depicting a site that has been blacklisted by Google.   Users still have the option to visit the website at their own risk but in most cases you hit the go back to safety option. Most of these websites belong to people or companies who have been prey […]

02Sep, 2016

New Google Analytics Demo

Finally, Google has launched a fully functional Google Analytics demo account available to everyone. I know your probably asking “why?” since there are loads of resources about Google Analytics either from articles written, the community, various books and guides. Plus Google themselves offer training and courses on the subject. Well not everyone has access to a fully implemented Google Analytics account, so it may be […]


A number of clients have received an email claiming to be an expiration notice of their domain.( Sample below) Please note that this email does not originate from EACdirectory if it does not come from the domain ‘@eacdirectory.co.ke’. All emails from us will come from the domain < @eacdirectory.co.ke > It is a phishing scam aimed at getting them to give out their credit card […]

How to Improve Your Content Marketing with 4 SEO Tactics

Content marketing has gained a tremendous momentum over the last 5 years, this is in the sense of blogs and social media being used by businesses to drive traffic to their websites. Ever since human beings could speak content marketing has been around because it’s all about story telling. However, even before this explosion of content creation was used by businesses search engines have existed, […]

05Jun, 2015

Google Chrome for Android gets a cool new feature

  During Google’s I/O event last week, the next version of Android was introduced to the public and some information and even an early test build of the system was showcased. An interesting new feature that perhaps caught the eye of most was the new Google Now on tap functionality. With Google Now on tap, one can simply highlight text from within just about any […]

Google silently removes the prominent Google+ profile links on its sites

Just last week Google officially broke off what was once Google+ Photos from the social network to form a standalone application of its own called Google Photos. The move had long been rumored with even several leaks confirming the claims which then led to people asking what plans Google had for Google+ in future. Its easy to tell that Google+ is not as popular as […]