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YouTube defaults to HTML5 players for better support on more devices


Popular video sharing website YouTube has finally opted to have their HTML5 player set as the default player for all web users. Previously the Adobe flash player had been the website’s default video player with the HTML5 version being optional as YouTube continued to carry out tests on it and gauge feedback from users.

Ever since Apple denounced the flash player and intentionally blocked it from their iOS ecosystem citing it’s inefficient nature, websites slowly started doing away with flash content replacing them with HTML5 based applications so as not to cut out users of the now popular iOS platform.

Not only is the HTML5 player efficient during operation, it does not require any additional plugins to be downloaded to the browser. You will however need to have an up to date browser which supports HTML5 elements.

YouTube claims that since HTML5 supports the VP9 codec, it can help save bandwidth, load time and file size using the new player as opposed to the flash player. The change perhaps long overdue is still welcome and you can read more about the benefits of it here.

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