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29May, 2015

Google Maps, Chrome, and YouTube to get Offline access

People have long waited for the day that Google would enable offline access to some of its apps most notably Maps and YouTube. Nokia’s HERE maps is perhaps loved by its users for the ability to download maps for offline use when one does not have an active internet connection while navigating. YouTube on the other hand will not allow you to download any video […]

26Mar, 2015

You can now embed Facebook videos thanks to a new embeddable video player

Probably a feature that most were wondering when the popular social media platform was going to introduce..we are talking about the ability to embed a Facebook video on another site. Facebook at its F8 conference announced that it will now enable this option on videos uploaded to its site. Users will see an embed option on their videos that will enable them to simply copy […]

16Mar, 2015

YouTube now supports 360-degree videos

Looks like something new keeps showing up on the web quite often these days, YouTube has introduced support for 360 degree videos and we must admit this is quite awesome. If you have ever come across photospheres on Google+ or used the street view feature on Google maps or Google earth then you pretty much know of what the experience will be like. The 360 […]

28Jan, 2015

YouTube defaults to HTML5 players for better support on more devices

Popular video sharing website YouTube has finally opted to have their HTML5 player set as the default player for all web users. Previously the Adobe flash player had been the website’s default video player with the HTML5 version being optional as YouTube continued to carry out tests on it and gauge feedback from users. Ever since Apple denounced the flash player and intentionally blocked it […]

08Dec, 2014

Google updates the YouTube app for Android with material design

Google with its ongoing updates to core Android apps with the material design has finally landed on the YouTube app. Like the others before it, the whole idea is to streamline the app to have a similar look and feel to the latest Android version – Lollipop 5.0. The updated Youtube app now features the now common coloured headers that change given the page you […]