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03Jun, 2015

SSH protocol support coming to Windows says Microsoft

Unless you are a network, system or web administrator, you might not know much about SSH (secure shell) access protocol that is used mainly to remotely connect to a given device or system for either monitoring, troubleshooting or administration purposes using a (CLI) command line interface. Microsoft usually doesn’t provide native support for this protocol on Windows but the company has announced that it plans […]

07Apr, 2015

WhatsApp Voice Calling Coming To Windows Phone & iOS Soon

Windows phone and iOS users shouldn’t feel left behind as WhatsApp has announced that it will be adding the voice calling functionality to both platforms soon. The voice calling function – though overdue, ¬†was only enabled for Android and Tizen users¬†last month as the other platforms took a back seat. It has already been confirmed that WhatsApp voice calling feature will be activated for iOS […]

30Sep, 2014

HP unveils new low cost Windows tablets and laptops

HP has announced new low cost Windows tablets and laptops in to a market segment dominated with Android tablets and Chromebooks. These new devices from HP will be a big advantage to Microsoft in it’s ongoing onslaught against low cost Android tablets and Chromebook laptops that have been gaining traction for a while now. HP will be launching the 7-inch HP Stream 7 tablet for […]