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03Jun, 2015

Skype bug causes it to crash continuously after receiving an 8 character message

It’s not just iOS that can be easily taken down by sending a given string of characters to a device running it, Skype also appears to exhibit a similar unexpected behaviour when a user receives someĀ 8 characters which will cause the application to crash on multiple platforms. If you are a Skype user on either Windows, Android or iOS then you need to beware of […]

27Nov, 2014

Skype for Android now lets you multitask on your phone while holding a video call

You know how at times you are in between a video call on Skype and you need to look up something on your phone and your only option is to either first end the video call and switch to another task or simply hold on till your conversation ends. Skype for Android seems to have a new solution for such little inconveniences. Skype has silently […]

17Nov, 2014

Skype for Web (Beta) now available

No more downloads, no more browser plugins simply log in to your Skype account on a browser and chat away – this all thanks to an announcement made by Skype about a new Beta version of their Instant Messaging application that fully runs on your browser. In order to use it, you will simply need to visit Skype.com then sign in. The service is currently […]