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02Jun, 2015

SanDisk unveils what they claim to be world’s smallest 128GB flash drive

As you still ponder on whether or not to purchase a 32GB flash drive to save your ever existing number of files you always want with you on the move, SanDisk has unveiled yet another ridiculously small flash drive – roughly the size of the small 1 Shilling coin, boasting a massive 128GB of memory.¬†SanDisk is claiming the crown for the smallest USB 3.0 drive […]

05Jan, 2015

SanDisk announces new flash drive that can connect directly to Android devices

The most awaited and exciting electronics show – the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 is yet to officially begin yet the web has seen¬†a series of announcements from various electronics manufacturers. SanDisk has not been left behind this year, as part of the CES 2015 announcements, they have revealed their new Ultra Dual USB 3.0, which not only connects to Windows and Mac PCs but […]