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04Jun, 2015

Microsoft Unveils yet another low end device under the Nokia brand

If you thought Microsoft had completely killed off the Nokia branding in place of its own then think again, it looks like the Nokia brand name is still valued by many people in emerging markets who are looking to buy affordable phones they know can trust. With that in mind, Microsoft has yet again unveiled another low end phone under the Nokia branding. The new […]

03Jun, 2015

SSH protocol support coming to Windows says Microsoft

Unless you are a network, system or web administrator, you might not know much about SSH (secure shell) access protocol that is used mainly to remotely connect to a given device or system for either monitoring, troubleshooting or administration purposes using a (CLI) command line interface. Microsoft usually doesn’t provide native support for this protocol on Windows but the company has announced that it plans […]

01Jun, 2015

Microsoft begins notifying users of their FREE Windows 10 upgrade

Looks like Microsoft is planning to roll out the final version of Windows 10 pretty soon, it had been rumored that the software giant was hoping to unveil it’s latest OS to the market in July and true to it, Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 10 on July 29th. As of today morning, I noticed a new icon popping up on the notification area of […]

26May, 2015

Microsoft showcases how Cortana will look like on iPhone and Android

Microsoft has indirectly confirmed that it will be bringing its Voice assistant application ‘Cortana’ to both iOS and Android through a YouTube video. Cortana which is currently integrated on devices running Windows phone 8.1 is an intelligent voice assistant similar to Apple’s siri that one can use voice commands to conduct a number of functions with or do searches. A companion app on Windows 10 PCs will […]

19May, 2015

Microsoft to bypass carriers and push Windows 10 updates directly to phones

Perhaps in a move to stem out any form of fragmentation on their mobile platform, Microsoft will be moving to bypass mobile carriers and deliver Windows 10 updates directly to phones. In a post published earlier this month to Microsoft’s Blogging Windows blog, Microsoft stated that its “continuous update process will apply to all Windows 10 devices, including phones. This means that Windows 10 mobile devices […]

16May, 2015

No free Windows 10 update for pirates says Microsoft

A while back Microsoft had indicated that it would be offering a free Windows 10 upgrade to users who are currently using pirated versions of both Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. This came as some pretty big new since a good number or people whether they would like to admit it or not are pirates for life. In a new twist however, Microsoft has taken […]

14May, 2015

You can now try Office 2016 preview for yourself

For those who are always eager to try out new things especially software previews, you can now try out Microsoft’s Office 2016 preview. The new preview comes with a significant change: it saves to the company’s OneDrive cloud storage service by default. You can download and install the preview on your machine as we await the official release of the final build sometime this year. As with […]

13May, 2015

Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft will change how it will be releasing it’s Windows upgrades in future. Microsoft executive Jerry Nixon confirmed at the company’s Ignite conference last week that the upcoming Windows 10 update will be the company’s last version of Windows. That doesn’t mean Microsoft will stop upgrading Windows,  the company plans to update the OS in a more incremental manner going […]

11May, 2015

Windows 10 will see the end of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday

As Windows 10 inches closer and closer to release, Microsoft is making changes on some of the things it has been doing for years now, one of them being the death of ‘patch Tuesday’. Since the days of Windows 98, the second Tuesday of every month has seen Microsoft issue a slew of updates to its operating systems. With Windows 10 however, those days are […]

30Apr, 2015

Microsoft’s new browser to be called Microsoft Edge

The fate of one of the internet’s oldest browsers – Microsoft Internet explorer was sealed back when Microsoft began working on a new successor to the aging browser. The new browser which is slated to be launched with the arrival of Windows 10 was initially referred to as Spartan from the codename ‘project spartan’. Microsoft has however unveiled a new name for it, the new browser […]