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05Jun, 2015

Google Chrome for Android gets a cool new feature

  During Google’s I/O event last week, the next version of Android was introduced to the public and some information and even an early test build of the system was showcased. An interesting new feature that perhaps caught the eye of most was the new Google Now on tap functionality. With Google Now on tap, one can simply highlight text from within just about any […]

Google silently removes the prominent Google+ profile links on its sites

Just last week Google officially broke off what was once Google+ Photos from the social network to form a standalone application of its own called Google Photos. The move had long been rumored with even several leaks confirming the claims which then led to people asking what plans Google had for Google+ in future. Its easy to tell that Google+ is not as popular as […]

29May, 2015

Google Maps, Chrome, and YouTube to get Offline access

People have long waited for the day that Google would enable offline access to some of its apps most notably Maps and YouTube. Nokia’s HERE maps is perhaps loved by its users for the ability to download maps for offline use when one does not have an active internet connection while navigating. YouTube on the other hand will not allow you to download any video […]

27May, 2015

Google makes its Roboto font open source

It has been 4 years since Google introduced the Roboto font which has been in use on Android back in the days of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). It’s grown to be the default font for Android and Chrome OS, and it’s a big part of Google’s overall Material Design language that we’ve seen spread across many of its web services such as Inbox and Google Play […]

25May, 2015

Google’s stand-alone Photos app set to give users more creative control

There has been news all around that Google plans to finally break out its Photos app from Google+ and have it as a standalone application. The Photos app is probably one of the recent additions that Google made to Google+ and it appears its success is what might be pushing the search giant to have it as a standalone application. If you haven’t used Google’s […]

20May, 2015

Google’s Tone Chrome extension uses sound to transmit between computers

  Have you heard of Google’s new Chrome extension called Tone? The new extension can transmit URLs from a tab on one computer to another computer within hearing range using only sound. The extension is a bit like how  Apple’s Airdrop works in concept — the idea that machines can exchange information easily and quickly in close proximity if both of them have the extension installed. A Google […]

05May, 2015

Google launches Collections on Google+, a new way for sharing content

Google yesterday announced the launch of Collections, a way to share videos, links and photos on different category boards in Google Plus. At first look, you will probably be surprised just how much Collections looks similar to Pinterest. Content in Google Plus Collections is displayed on cards and you can choose different boards to post that content to. Users can choose to post text, links, […]

27Apr, 2015

You can now send yourself a note or set an alarm from a Google desktop search to your phone

Google is making it easier to control certain aspects of your Android device right from the Google homepage by using the search bar to complete certain tasks. From last week Google enabled the option of searching for a misplaced Android device right from it’s homepage. You can also send Google maps directions from the Google homepage to your Android device and now Google has added […]

22Apr, 2015

Google to start prioritizing websites that are mobile friendly in its search results

Unless you want to see your website buried in search results, Google yesterday introduced a new algorithm that changes how mobile results are prioritized. If Google finds your website to be mobile friendly, then it will prioritize it over similar websites that are not mobile friendly. The change will impact millions of websites, more than Google’s last major search ranking algorithm update, Google Panda. Panda, […]

20Apr, 2015

You can now easily locate your lost Android device by doing a simple Google search

For Android users, Google has decided to move a feature that was usually located under the Android device management option on the Google Play website right on the search page. Now when you’re signed in to the same Google account on your phone and PC, all you have to do is type “find my phone” into Google and your top result will be a live […]