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05Jun, 2015

Google Chrome for Android gets a cool new feature

  During Google’s I/O event last week, the next version of Android was introduced to the public and some information and even an early test build of the system was showcased. An interesting new feature that perhaps caught the eye of most was the new Google Now on tap functionality. With Google Now on tap, one can simply highlight text from within just about any […]

20May, 2015

Google’s Tone Chrome extension uses sound to transmit between computers

  Have you heard of Google’s new Chrome extension called Tone? The new extension can transmit URLs from a tab on one computer to another computer within hearing range using only sound. The extension is a bit like how  Apple’s Airdrop works in concept — the idea that machines can exchange information easily and quickly in close proximity if both of them have the extension installed. A Google […]

20Apr, 2015

Google’s experimental QUIC protocol speeds up the Web while offering lower latencies

Little known internet protocol by Google QUIC has been around for a while and you might have already used it on your Chrome browser without even knowing it. Google recently announced that it has been working on a new protocol QUIC that offers very low latency as compare to the current TCP protocol. Best of all,  about half of all requests from Chrome to Google’s servers […]

15Apr, 2015

Latest Google Chrome update brings push notifications and security improvements

Google has rolled out an update to the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The new update (Chrome 42) brings major improvements including new apps, extension, and Web Platform APIs, including the Push API. Introduction of the Push API is perhaps something worth noting here as this will enable developers use the Google Cloud Messaging service to contact a service worker (a script run by the […]

19Mar, 2015

Latest Google Chrome update bring with it new techniques to speed up JavaScript load times

Google is always striving to speed up it’s Chrome browser on both desktop and mobile. It has improved the way Chrome loads Javascript files in the latest version of Chrome, which now loads them and at the same time begins to parse them. In previous builds of the browser, the JavaScript code first had to be fully downloaded before the browser could begin parsing it […]

15Oct, 2014

Have you tried out the new Google hangouts Chrome app on your Windows machine?

Google last week released a new Hangouts app for Windows and Chrome OS that for the first time lets users chat outside the browser window. The new Hangouts app runs on your desktop and can be easily accessed through a floating Hangout icon to the right of the desktop. Once clicked upon, the app pops up a list of your recent chats as well as […]

04Jun, 2014

New Google chrome extension End-to-End promises to better secure your email

In what appears to be a battle against the NSA, Google has now launched a new Google Chrome extension know as End-to-End which enables one to send and receive emails securely through the browser. As its name implies, the security tool provides end-to-end encryption: data leaving your browser will be encrypted until the message’s intended recipient decrypts it, and encrypted messages sent to you will remain […]

23Jan, 2014

Browser add-ons/extensions that will improve your web experience

Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are loved by most due to their ability to extend their functionality with the use of third party applications known as browser add-ons or extensions. Both Mozilla and Chrome have web portals where you will find thousands of free add-ons. Here are 5 browser add-ons worth a mention: DownThemAll (Mozilla) DownThemAll (or just dTa) is a powerful […]