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02Jun, 2015

SoundHound launches Hound, a voice controlled personal assistant


Well, this came as a complete surprise to most but SoundHound has unveiled a voice assistant application called Hound which is currently in beta. SoundHound as you might now is a music recognition application similar to the likes of Shazam.

The new virtual voice assistant application will be more like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana and it will  let you do things like make a call, send a text message, search for flights or hotels, navigate to places and the likes.

What SoundHound says sets Hound apart from the pack is that their virtual voice assistant lets you ask questions in a natural way, rather than having to speak using specific phrases, as it understands the context and details of your request.


Hound’s interface does look a bit more like the Google now application with its use of the card based UI. The application is currently available as a closed beta meaning you will have to request for an invite first before you can install it on your device. This for now only applies to Android users as iOS users will have to wait a bit longer to test the new app.

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