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08Aug, 2013

Securing files on your computer with TrueCrypt

Ever been in a situation where a work colleague, close friend or a relative asks to use your computer for a couple of minutes to either check something on the web or carry out a given task and you just can’t say no even though you would rather not give in since you are worried that they might stumble upon a confidential file or folder […]

31Jul, 2013

Top 6 Free Cloud Storage Services

These days computing trend is shifting towards the Internet. With the introduction of cloud storage and cloud servers, users are increasingly moving towards the Cloud Storage and it has become an easier way to backup all your important data & files online where you can access them from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection. Best of all, with Cloud Storage you can always […]

03Jul, 2013

How to gain access to your WordPress or Joomla installation without password reset

If you manage plenty of WordPress and or Joomla websites, there is usually an occasion when you try to access their admin panel and can’t seem to recall the password you used. The worst case is when you can’t make use of the password reset options since you are either running the installation on a local server that is not configured to send out mails […]

25Jun, 2013

How to protect WordPress from intrusion

If you have a self installed WordPress website then Botnets around the world have turned their attention from sending out spam emails to systematically hacking into WordPress installs; it’s a lucrative business given that WordPress powers 40% of all blogs. They usually make use of brute force attack method on your admin page using the username admin. If you usually leave your default WordPress username […]