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04Jun, 2015

Microsoft Unveils yet another low end device under the Nokia brand


If you thought Microsoft had completely killed off the Nokia branding in place of its own then think again, it looks like the Nokia brand name is still valued by many people in emerging markets who are looking to buy affordable phones they know can trust.

With that in mind, Microsoft has yet again unveiled another low end phone under the Nokia branding. The new model – Nokia 105, for some reason has the exact same name as a similar device which was launched in 2013. The new model doesn’t differ much from the one launched 2 years ago, it has a Series 30+ UI and spots a 1.45 inch color display with 128 by 128 pixels.

The phone comes with enhanced call clarity and “audio that’s 20% louder”, while offering an extended phonebook capacity of up to 2000 contacts. There’s also a torchlight, a microUSB charging port, and an 800 mAh removable battery that can provide a talk-time of up to 15 hours, or a stand-by time of up to 35 days. The 105 comes with two pre-installed games: Snake Xenzia and Bubble Bash 2.

The Nokia 105 will be available around the world starting this month, in black, white, and cyan. It comes in either a single SIM or a dual SIM variant, both of which will be sold for around $20 before taxes and subsidies, pretty affordable huh?

Apart from the low end market segment where the device is targeted for, it can also come in handy as a backup device for smartphone users in event your phone runs out of juice when you need it the most.

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