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29Jan, 2015

Microsoft confirms its upcoming Spartan browser will support extensions

Spartan Browser

During the Windows 10 event earlier this month Microsoft did introduce and detail its upcoming browser codenamed Spartan. Spartan will be the company’s first browser beyond the longtime Internet explorer.

Microsoft will focus more on Spartan from now onwards as it tries to slowly do away with IE which has gained quite allot of bad reputation over the years, primarily due to its lack of extensions – something which just about any modern browser has. IE has also had its fair share of bashing from web designers and developers alike as it had a tendency of rendering web pages in a different way giving them a hard time to adapt their code to suit the browser.

With the announcement of Spartan, Microsoft seeks to fix everything IE couldn’t. To start off the browser has a new fresh look to it, though we’d have to admit it looks somewhat similar to Maxthon browser. Good news coming from Redmont is that the new browser will come with support for browser extensions – something we have all been hoping for with IE but learnt to just live without.

The new extensions support is likely linked to Microsoft’s plans to separate out Spartan from Internet Explorer. While some versions of Windows 10 will ship with Internet Explorer and Spartan for compatibility reasons, the new Spartan browser will use a new rendering engine named Edge.

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