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A number of clients have received an email claiming to be an expiration notice of their domain.( Sample below)

Please note that this email does not originate from EACdirectory. All emails from us will come form the domain < >

It is a phishing scam aimed at getting them to give out their credit card information.




Indicators that an email is not genuine:

1.The from section at the top of any email should show you the sender of the email. Emails from EACdirectory should show you that they are from instead of



2.The email portrays a lot of urgency to make the victim panic and complete the transaction. As you can see it asks you to “ACT IMMEDIATELY” and gives you a deadline.





3. The email contains a lot of links that lead to unfamiliar websites requiring you to enter your credit card information.


Please take note of these scams. Make it a point of also educating your employees to stay vigilant towards such attempts.


If you’ve clicked such a link or given out your information do the following:

  1. Scan your computer and your company’s for malware.
  2. Change passwords to any accounts you may have submitted.


For more information, check out this short video on Phishing:



Feel free to leave comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!





  1. Hello,

    This is good information. I see many emails of this kind and the first thing that I check is the domain address, if it is one that I don’t associate with the email I delete immediately.

    I highly appreciate your information

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