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Google silently removes the prominent Google+ profile links on its sites


Just last week Google officially broke off what was once Google+ Photos from the social network to form a standalone application of its own called Google Photos. The move had long been rumored with even several leaks confirming the claims which then led to people asking what plans Google had for Google+ in future.

Its easy to tell that Google+ is not as popular as Facebook and Twitter when it comes to wide spread usage, of course this is not to imply that the platform is a ghost town. You would be surprised just how many people actively make use of it on a daily basis, but then again – what good is a social platform if most of your friends are not on it?

Google+ has its own niche of users, you can call them die hard Google users – myself included. For someone new to Google+ things might not look that great unless you get to connect with some resourceful people, pages or groups which have your interest at heart and it is then and only then that you will truly appreciate the platform.

But it looks like Google is toning down on Google+, perhaps the platform has began its slow and inevitable death similar to some now defunct Google services such as Google Buzz, Pages among others.

If the Google Photos split from the platform wasn’t a clear indication of this, perhaps the silent removal of the usually prominent Google+ links that were usually displayed on most Google websites such as the Google homepage and Gmail once you were signed in will now convince you more.



This is my current Google homepage with my account signed in, note that my name is no-longerĀ +Edwin but ratherĀ Edwin which is now not a link leading me to Google+ but just plain text. The same is the case on Gmail, the prominent Google+ link has been removed and now it is tucked in with other Google service links under the menu icon.

Google+ profile link as seen on Gmail.

Google+ profile link as seen on Gmail.

My speculations about the uncertain future of Google+ could be true or false, but only time will tell.

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