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05Jun, 2015

Google Chrome for Android gets a cool new feature


During Google’s I/O event last week, the next version of Android was introduced to the public and some information and even an early test build of the system was showcased. An interesting new feature that perhaps caught the eye of most was the new Google Now on tap functionality.

With Google Now on tap, one can simply highlight text from within just about any application and the Google Now application will automatically pick it up and deliver search results based on it. It is somehow similar to how the TrueCaller application is able to automatically lookup and display contact details of a phone number you have copied to your clipboard.

Good news is that the new functionality has been spotted on the Google chrome browser on Android. In this case, the functionality will be  “Touch to Search”. Once the updated version of the browser with this functionality hits your phone, you’ll be able to highlight a word in Chrome and immediately see the results for its Google Search pop up.

Google actually lists the new feature as part of an update for Chrome it pushed out this week to the Play Store, though it has apparently been available through the Chrome beta for a few months now. The company also says it added Faster Checkout, which should make Google Wallet work better, along with some general bug fixes.


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