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A number of clients have received an email claiming to be an expiration notice of their domain.( Sample below) Please note that this email does not originate from EACdirectory if it does not come from the domain ‘@eacdirectory.co.ke’. All emails from us will come from the domain < @eacdirectory.co.ke > It is a phishing scam aimed at getting them to give out their credit card […]

02Feb, 2015

Domain holders don’t fall victim to this email scam

There is yet another form of email scam targeting domain name owners seeking to have them complete ‘search registration’ in order for their websites to be indexed by major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The email usually comes with the title: Important: Complete Search Engine Registration for your domain yourdomain.com – where yourdomain.com is your actual domain name. Given how the email has been […]

29Jan, 2015

Beware of this email scam purporting to be for domain renewal

It has been brought to our attention that there happens to be a new form of email scam targeting top level domain name holders – this includes domains ending in .com, .net, .info and the likes. The email comes up with the title: yourdomain.xxx INFORMATION! It then goes ahead to give false information about the expiry date of your domain name and that you should renew it […]

19Feb, 2014

How to Hide Facebook Posts from Certain People and Tag Reviews

In this digital age of social media and double identities, most people find themselves hard pressed whenever a close relative of friends pops them a friend request and for one reason or another they would rather not have them as part of their social circles on Facebook. So comes the dilemma, do you accept or reject the friend request? It could be your parent, your […]

23Jan, 2014

Browser add-ons/extensions that will improve your web experience

Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are loved by most due to their ability to extend their functionality with the use of third party applications known as browser add-ons or extensions. Both Mozilla and Chrome have web portals where you will find thousands of free add-ons. Here are 5 browser add-ons worth a mention: DownThemAll (Mozilla) DownThemAll (or just dTa) is a powerful […]

31Jul, 2013

Top 6 Free Cloud Storage Services

These days computing trend is shifting towards the Internet. With the introduction of cloud storage and cloud servers, users are increasingly moving towards the Cloud Storage and it has become an easier way to backup all your important data & files online where you can access them from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection. Best of all, with Cloud Storage you can always […]