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26May, 2015

Limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge is now official

It had been long rumoured and people were quite anxious to see if Samsung would actually relaease a limited iron man edition of the Galaxy s6 edge. It turns out that the rumours were actually true as Samsung has rolled out the Avengers-themed phone and accessories in South Korea already. Samsung partnered with Marvel and the results are just marvelous: this Iron Man S6 edge […]

25May, 2015

Google’s stand-alone Photos app set to give users more creative control

There has been news all around that Google plans to finally break out its Photos app from Google+ and have it as a standalone application. The Photos app is probably one of the recent additions that Google made to Google+ and it appears its success is what might be pushing the search giant to have it as a standalone application. If you haven’t used Google’s […]

21May, 2015

Adblock Plus Releases a Standalone Android Browser That Blocks All Ads

Since Google has been rather stubborn in allowing any form of Adblock running on its Chrome mobile browser, the folks behind the most popular Adblock plugin on the web AdBlock Plus have decided to release their own standalone mobile browser that completely blocks out all ads. The app is currently available as a beta for Android (which means you will have to go through theĀ usual […]

20Apr, 2015

You can now easily locate your lost Android device by doing a simple Google search

For Android users, Google has decided to move a feature that was usually located under the Android device management option on the Google Play website right on the search page. Now when you’re signed in to the same Google account on your phone and PC, all you have to do is type “find my phone” into Google and your top result will be a live […]

13Jan, 2015

Microsoft’s Office preview for Android tablets now available to all

If you have been dreaming of running the upcoming Microsoft Office for Android tablets then this news might excite you. Microsoft has finally published the Office for Android tablet previews on the Play Store for all to try out. As usual, this being a preview you might not get the best experience as the application is still in development and testing phase before it fully […]

13Jan, 2015

Samsung officially launches the 6.3mm thin Galaxy A7

Samsung is gradually growing its Galaxy A series of smartphones this time with the new Galaxy A7. The company launched the A3 and A5 smartphones last October and the same deviced went on sale in China by end of November and became available in the US by end December. The new Galaxy A7 spots a 5.5 inch super AMOLED display just like any other Samsung […]

27Nov, 2014

Skype for Android now lets you multitask on your phone while holding a video call

You know how at times you are in between a video call on Skype and you need to look up something on your phone and your only option is to either first end the video call and switch to another task or simply hold on till your conversation ends. Skype for Android seems to have a new solution for such little inconveniences. Skype has silently […]

13Nov, 2014

Google releases new standalone Messenger app for Android

Tired of your default sms messaging application or maybe texting through Hangouts isn’t really your thing? Google has now released a new standalone regular SMS messaging application for Android. The new standalone messaging application from Google brings with it material design – the new design standard Google is using for Android 5.0. The application goes by the name Messenger, which might bring confusion to some […]

30Oct, 2014

Have you tried out Google’s new fitness Android app?

Fitness is something just about all mainstream mobile manufacturers have been pushing for on their flagship devices. Not only do they incorporate an array of sensors on their mobile phones to keep track of fitness activities, you can now get the same from wearable devices – most notably smart watches. Be it walking, cycling, running or nutritional intake, today’s phones can help one keep track […]

21Oct, 2014

Nokia avails HERE beta maps to more Android devices

Nokia’s popular HERE maps has been exclusively available in a number of Samsung Galaxy devices as a beta software for some weeks now. Nokia has now decided to avail it to more Android users by making it work on a wider range of Android devices. HERE maps which is the default mapping application on Nokia’s Lumia range of devices has received allot praise for it’s […]