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29Oct, 2014

Apple reveals why it discontinued the iPod Classic


In case you didn’t realize it, Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic once and for all earlier this year. On Sept. 9, following the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iPod Classic was pulled from Apple’s store shelves without mention.

Unlike its cousins – the iPod touch, ipod shuffle and ipod nano, the iPod classic hadn’t received any update for nearly 5 years and was rarely mentioned during most Apple events. It is worth noting that the ipod classic was what helped revolutionised portable MP3 players and did a great job at dominating it for several years before smartphones caught up and other variants of the iPod were released.

Speaking during the WSJDLive conference on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook finally provided an explanation as to why Apple had killed off the iPod classic. Cook explained that Apple ultimately decided to do away with the  iPod Classic because it was unable to obtain parts for the device.

Not a solid reason as to why a company as big as Apple would discontinue production of a device due to lack of parts when they would have simply substituted the parts for other readily available ones. But given their primary focus on the iPod touch which runs iOS which gives it more functionality than the classic, it makes sense for Apple to discontinue an ageing product whose time has simply past.

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